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Staring a group program in your office is easy! Below you’ll find a list of ideas along with resources you can download to help you roll out the program in your office. Be sure to check back to report your progress and we’ll add you to our group leaderboard.

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Flipping Out

Powering Down


PowerDown is a fun and simple energy savings campaign which allows you to earn credit (and win prizes) for taking an energy-saving action. The campaign is a 6+week initiative where employees take simple actions, and tally their points based on the completion of those actions. Read More

Adopt a Light

Adopt-A-Light is a fun game to reduce light waste by owning the problem…literally! Get a team of colleagues to adopt the responsibility for turning off a set of common area lights at night and when they are not in use. Read More

Night Photos

Challenge your office department to get all of the lights on your floor turned out at night. Then, take a picture on the way home from outside. Read More

Who Is the Biggest Flipper?

Is your marketing department a little too confident in their energy saving abilities? Challenge your officemates to see who can become the Biggest Flipper. Read More

“Crab You’re It!” Desk Edition

The crabs are back, and this time they’re crawling to the wasted energy in your desk area. The crabs will help people remember to Power Down their monitors, printers, and office power strips. Read More

Energy Super Stars

Energy Super Star cards are an easy way for co-workers to recognize and promote each other’s efforts. And, it’s easy to do by giving out Energy Super Star cards for co-workers Powering Down their desktop, including monitors, printers, and power strips, especially at night. Read More

Hottest Days

Do your part to reduce wasted energy on the hottest days. We will offer tips to help reduce energy use on the hottest days. Read More


Adopt-a-Workspace is a pledge to reduce energy waste by turning off unused communal devices like office equipment and kitchen equipment around the office. Read More

“Crab You’re It!”

The easy to implement “Crab, you’re it!” game drives down unnecessary office lighting. This fun, social approach to reducing energy waste, if you forget to turn off the light, you get tagged with a crab. Read More


Create Your Own Program

If you've created your own group program, let us know about it and your program might be featured on the Smart Energy Now homepage or added to our list of group program ideas.