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A Better, Smarter Charlotte now

Smart Energy Now® is a program from Duke Energy dedicated to helping reduce energy consumption in Charlotte's Uptown office buildings. We’re focused on educating office workers in Uptown about small, simple changes you can make to your daily routine that together have a huge impact on Charlotte’s energy usage.

Using a first-of-its kind digital grid infrastructure, Smart Energy Now® helps you see the energy usage for all participating buildings. This data includes information about real-time usage, load factors and historical trends and information about what those numbers actually mean. With your help and the Envision Charlotte initiative, we’re striving to support energy saving goals by contributing a 5% reduction through behavior change.

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Setting the Energy Standard

The goal of the Smart Energy Now program is to encourage sustainable behaviors and reduce energy consumption in Uptown office buildings by 5%. Currently, businesses participating in the Smart Energy Now program account for about 21.5 million square feet of space. Together, we’re working to create the most environmentally and economically sustainable urban core in the nation.

How are we doing?

The Duke Energy program is the backbone of Envision Charlotte, a movement to make uptown Charlotte the most sustainable urban core in the U.S.

Envision Charlotte is a first-of-a-kind collaborative partnership among major employers, building owners and managers, and municipal and technology leaders. Its purpose is to create the most environmentally and economically sustainable urban core in the nation by connecting numerous environmental programs and initiatives. By achieving this vision, it will demonstrate Charlotte's national leadership as a sustainable, progressive, cost-efficient place to do business.

Look for Envision Charlotte kiosks in office lobbies throughout Uptown for more information about the program and real-time data from Smart Energy Now.

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